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Meal Prep, Prepared Meals , Clean Food, Keto, Pescatarian, Healthy, Weight Loss, Traditional
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CI Lifestyle Meals provides healthy & delicious meal prep to the Portland OR metro area. Our chef made meals are made with love & delivered twice a week.

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Meal PrepPrepared Meals

Meal Prep, Prepared Meals
No Cook: Heat and Eat

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Great tasting nutritious meals

"My wife and I have been members for a couple of months and are very happy with the meals sent by Chris and his team. The focus seems to be on lean proteins (some vegetarian options). Some meals are gluten and dairy free, but all of the meals seem to be reduced gluten (if any) and less dairy. The meals are well balanced and really filling. The weekly menus are varied, although it is always great to see some of our favorites pop back up from time to time. They are very nicely seasoned and everything tastes fresh. We've found the food tastes great and we really appreciate that it is portion controlled. Orders are due by Wednesday at midnight for delivery the following Sunday and Wednesday. The ordering system on the website lets you know which meals are scheduled to arrive on which day. The split delivery is great from a freshness perspective (we had a few of the Sunbasket pre-cooked meals that ended up going bad w/in a day or two of receipt). The meals are labeled w/ the macro information (grams of protein, carbs, and fat) as well as calories (which is great to see!). Be sure to remove the lid and any sauce containers inside before microwaving (lesson learned the hard way....) Meals arrive fresh, not frozen, in an insulated bag w/ a freezer pack included. The bag and freezer pack get returned to them with the next shipment. We are also really happy with the extreme reduction in waste compared to our orders from Sunbasket. Chris is incredibly responsive to questions and feedback, so I suggest reaching out to him with any specific questions. We were a little concerned about having to order 10 meals to try out the food, but my wife and I are both very glad we did!"

Oct 31 2023

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Clean Food Keto Pescatarian Healthy Weight Loss Traditional
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No Cook: Heat and Eat
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Meal Prep Prepared Meals

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No Cook: Heat and Eat

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None Profile Image
Great for busy fams

"We are a super active family and having dinner waiting for us when we get home is a godsent. On top of that the meals are huge and tasty. We order 3 p..."

Nov 27 2023
Austin Profile Image
Austin M.
Solid Company

"The food is delicious and the team is always happy to help me when I go pick up my meals...."

Nov 27 2023
Steven Profile Image
Steven L.
Great meal prep service!


Nov 27 2023

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