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Owner and Chef Julio Tavarez set out on his healthy lifestyle change in 2013 when he found himself 100+ pounds overweight. With changes in his eating habits and a commitment to physical fitness not only has he lost all that weight but has also become a culinary professional out to help everyone he can. Formally trained in French cuisine, 7yrs professional restaurant experience and 6 years of meal prepping for clients and himself his understanding and passion for preparing meals is at an all time high. Meal Sizes: Or Standard size meals are 3-4 ounces (each) of protein, carbohydrates & vegetables. Ideal for weight loss or healthy weight maintenance. Our BULK size meals are 5-6 ounces of protein, carbohydrates, and 3-4 ounces of vegetables. Ideal for weight gain or maintaining weight for those that need more more calories. We also offer low carb options every week for those looking to cut calories and hit a specific calorie intake.

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Fitness, Meal Prep, Professionals, Individuals, Bodybuilding
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Meal Prep, Prepared Meals
No Cook: Heat and Eat
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Francesca Profile Image
Francesca D.
Fresh, Healthy, Simple, Tasty. Good portions of fish/meat and greens

"I ordered from Premium Preps this week. I got a text shortly before the delivery to let me know they'd be arriving. The meals were packaged neatly in black plastic containers with labels for each meal. I ordered shrimp and bok choy, cajun salmon and roasted cauliflower, hot pepper chicken, soy ginger steak and a buffalo chicken quesadilla. I thought the food was awesome. The food tasted fresh and very healthy. I was impressed with the menu, the portions of the fish and meat, and loved that there were options without rice (there was a healthy portion of bok choy with the shrimp!). The sauces added good flavor but weren't overpowering or unhealthy. The black and white sesame seeds on some of the plates was also a nice touch!"

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Nov 10 2022
Viola Profile Image
Viola S.
Great choice

"PremiumPreps has helped me save tons of time cooking and prepping meals. I love tracking my calories and knowing exactly what I'm eating before I sit down to eat. Lots of good menu options each week. I recommend them. "

Sep 29 2022

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Vegetarian Keto Pescatarian Healthy Weight Loss Gluten-Free Low-Carb
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No Cook: Heat and Eat
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Fitness Meal Prep Professionals Individuals Bodybuilding
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Meal Prep Prepared Meals

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None Profile Image

"Really low life group of people that operate this business. They changed names and left a bunch of vendors stranded. Think who they are when truly the..."

Sep 28 2023
Marieann Profile Image
Marieann R.
Creative and Fuel Pump

"They make the most unique and tasty meal prep service that I've possible ever had. It taste great, doesn't make me feel crappy, and truly does taste a..."

Sep 19 2023
None Profile Image
Review of meal and business practices

"Meals were just ok. Arrived soggy. The fresh to door thing is extremely hard to pull off and simply does not justify their prices. Healthy frozen m..."

Sep 18 2023

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