Simplify Your Life

Our mission is to fuel your life with food you like.

Fridge: Stocked

Imagine a world where delicious food magically shows up on our doorstep and worrying about what we're going to eat for the next few days is a thing of the past!

There are a lot of meal delivery companies out there (meal prep, ready-to-eat, meal kits etc.), but it takes a lot of time to figure out which ones to try. NoStove is a community for ready-to-eat meals all on one place to learn about, participate in sharing your experience, and try new ones.


Save Time

Here's what we're trying to solve for ourselves and for you:

Save Time - For us, figuring out what to eat and cooking took up a lot more time than we wanted. We wanted to more free time.

Save Energy - Cooking and cleaning definitely take time and energy, no explanation needed. It also takes mental energy to decide what to eat for every meal - just feed me!

Be Healthier - If we could have food scheduled to arrive and was ready in our fridge and we weren't making decisions about what to eat when we're already hungry we knew we'd eat better and feel better.

Simplify your life!

Join the community of meal delivery lovers.