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Cook less. Eat better. Live more. Share your experience.

NoStove is on a mission to make chef-prepared meals accessible to everyone; A future where ready-to-eat meals are commonplace. If you are excited about that future, you may just just be ONE.

What is it?

ONE is a selective membership within the NoStove community.

The NoStove ONE are recognized contributors who love to share their experiences with meal services. The ONE recieve unique benefits including discounts, giveaways, exclusive offers, and invites to premium events.

Who is it?

A select group of fanatical meal delivery, meal prep, ready-to-eat afficianados. People from all walks of life coming together over their love of chef-made meals and the power of these services to transform lives.


Because we love to try, test, and eat ready-to-eat meals. We love to share and help others find the best chef-prepared foods. We give others more time and help them re-discover their best self, while we also transforming our lifestyles.

How to Qualify?

  • Be passionate about meal prep and meal delivery!
  • Submit at least 2 high-quality reviews on
  • Share your story of why meal services are important to you.
  • Follow and like us on Social Media.
  • Submit a video of why you love meal prep or a meal prep unboxing. (optional)
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What makes a great community member?

  • Excellent reviews
  • Beautiful photos
  • Liking, saving and participating in the community
  • Sending in suggestions to make the community better
  • Support the community in other ways. (Invite friends, tell others, tell your story)

Cook Less
Live More
Eat Better
Feel Better
Save Time
Be Healthier
Loose Weight
Love Someone
Have More Energy

Change the future

It is up to us, the movers, the shakers, the lovers of chef-prepared meals to try them out, share our experiences through excellent reviews to guide others, give feedback to business owners, inspire unique and better services. We will create a future where meals are accessible for all people.

Exclusive benefits

Sharing your experiences through reviews and photos unlocks your ability to earn exclusive rewards, perks, and premium events only for ONE members. We are cultivating a crew of like-minded individuals who value time and living, over grocery shopping and dinner planning and say “no more stoves.”

Help others transform

So many people are searching for meal services for their unique needs, diets, restrictions to take control of their lives and make a life change once and for all. Some need to help parents, or adopt strict diets for health, others are busy and have food sensitivities. Everyone wants to be fed and to be at their best.

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