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Meal Prep, Prepared Meals , Paleo, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Low-Carb
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Set Your Table With Healthy Flavors

We make healthy eating convenient & delicious. Get our organic, seasonal Paleo meal delivery service shipped fresh, nationwide! Put your knife and cutting board away. Forget spending a couple hours on shopping, prepping, cooking and CLEANING! Our meals come fully prepared.

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Fitness, Meal Prep, Professionals, Athletes
Meal PrepPrepared Meals Optional Subscription

Meal Prep, Prepared Meals
No Cook: Heat and Eat
Optional Subscription

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Francesca Profile Image
Francesca D.
A staple in our household

"Pete’s Paleo has been a staple in our household for years now. The food is always tasty, and since it’s paleo has a good balance of meat and veggies. Usually, it’s one meat (chicken, turkey, pork, or beef) and two veggies. They do a lot of root veggies like sweet potato. We don’t follow a strictly paleo diet, but still love the meals. The portion size is good. We freeze them to always have them stocked, and microwave them for 5 and a half min directly from the freezer when we don’t have food around. Individual portions are perfect for a single meal and no mess cleanup, though even if I love the convenience of the plastic packaging I wish there were a better way. Cons: I wish they had fish options. They’re a bit pricey. We’ve also tried their bone broth which is great."

Review Image Review Image
Sep 08 2022
Alfredo Profile Image
Alfredo M.
Pete's Paleo is Gold Standard for Meal Prep

"Pete's Paleo is the gold standard of meal prep. Fresh, seasonal, vacuum packed, organic meals with vegetables. Perfected portioned and delivers excellent for eating now or freezing. This is one of my favorite meal preps to freeze. It heats so well and the vacuum seal fills up like a popcorn balloon so you know you won't be getting any frozen sections. The food is tasty and it's definitely for meat lovers, paleo style but also great if you are not paleo. My favorite meals are the pork but all the meats always with great low-carb veggies are excellent. My areas improvement are the price (but the value is there), the sodium and menu navigation. These can range up to $17 a meal. The sodium level seems a bit-much and if you are sensitive to sodium probably not a great option. The menu navigation can be confusing so I like the: pick your own/chef's choice vs the subscription options. I'm just not a big fan of subscriptions. All in all. If you like meat, taste, and portioned foods for an active lifestyle, a solid starter option to be blown away by gold standard. Also great to pack away in the freezer."

Review Image Review Image Review Image
Aug 30 2022

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Paleo Weight Loss Weight Gain Low-Carb
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No Cook: Heat and Eat
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Fitness Meal Prep Professionals Athletes
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Meal Prep Prepared Meals

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