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Clover Food Lab offers meal delivery through their Meal Boxes program. They deliver meals to thousands of families all around the Boston Metro area. They first created this program during the pandemic when their restaurants were closed. Now it’s a bustling part of what they do daily here at Clover, with its own staff and recipe development process. There are 3 types of boxes: Subscription Boxes (you sign up, they deliver weekly, pause or cancel anytime), Celebration Boxes (these come around for special occasions; think Christmas, Passover, and yes May the Fourth – come on, they are an MIT company after all), and One-off boxes and grocery (these are non-subscription boxes that you can order anytime). They deliver the boxes to your door. Each weekly box delivers on a specific day (ie. Taco Tuesday delivers on Tuesdays) which you can see and manage in your account section. If you are not present the box will be left at your doorstep. Boxes can remain unrefrigerated for up to 4 hours. You may do a bit of prep but most of the food is made for you. To sign up for a box, you can visit their website. Clover Food Lab offers a variety of meal boxes with different themes for each day of the week. For example, they have Salad Monday, Taco Tuesday, Soup Wednesday, Burger Thursday, Pizza Friday, and Weekend Pancake. They source peak-season ingredients from New England farms, tortilla-makers, and bakeries. At their East Cambridge kitchen (CloverHUB), they do all the heavy lifting: sourcing, chopping, seasoning (and obsessing about flavor) to get your food ready.

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Families, Professionals, Seniors
Prepared Meals Locally Sourced Optional Subscription

Prepared Meals
No Cook: Assembly
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Reviews for Clover Food Lab

Francesca Profile Image
Francesca D.
Clover is the best

"Clover is CRUSHING it. I liked Clover a lot for lunches when I lived in Cambridge. I was really excited to see they delivered meal boxes within 30 miles of their hub, so all the way up the northshore where I now live. I tried the starter box first, which I think they’ve changed since. It included the Impossible Kofka, a Breakfast sandwich kit, lots of hummus, and their pitas. We were super happy about the box – it was fresh, healthy, vegetarian, and large-portions. My 4 year old even made and ate her own pita sandwiches. That was back in Dec (2021) and I didn’t even know they were quietly rolling out subscriptions. I’m not usually a fan of getting pulled into subscriptions, but I signed up for ALL FOUR of theirs: Taco Tuesday, Soup Wednesday, Burger Friday, and Pasta Saturday. They have more days now too. It’s way too much food to have all in one week (plus I order the large portions and eat over multiple days), but I’ve tried them all. Taco Tuesday is my favorite. The burgers (vegetarian of course) are great. While I try to avoid pasta meal delivery, I looooved their lentil Bolognese. I waited last to try soup Wednesday, but it is great – sometimes I eat one of the soup containers and freeze the second for later. Each of these subscriptions has a new menu weekly, so while the theme is the same (tacos every Tuesday) you get different food each week. Clover is by far my longest running meal delivery service. They probably wonder who this person is that pretty much only feeds themselves Clover food. They are in an incredibly innovative and business-expanding phase right now – they source from local farms (really, they talk about the farms and what’s coming in season. A lot of companies say they source from farms, but its not really clear they do) and change the menu based on the season. They have a la carte ordering on the site (where you can order seasonal sandwiches, soups, etc.) and they have a constant influx of seasonal and holiday boxes (Superbowl Box, Maple Box, Easter Box, Passover Box, Mother’s Day Box…). They are putting a ton of effort and creativity into their meal delivery program and it shows – it looks like they’re having a lot of fun doing it as well. Thanks Clover for keeping me healthy and well-fed!"

Review Image Review Image Review Image Review Image Review Image Review Image Review Image Review Image Review Image Review Image Review Image Review Image
Sep 08 2022
Alfredo Profile Image
Alfredo M.
Best meal box around - hands down.

"Clover meal boxes are the pinnacle of meal boxes.
First off, if you are vegetarian or just love plant-based foods and delicious, hearty meals for a great value, you must try clover meal boxes.The food is so fresh and tasty that it will blow you away. Throw in the perfect shipping, local delivery, communications, and attention to detail to perfecting the home eating experience, this meal box is unmatched. I would give it 6 stars! if I could.First, Clover offers their one-off boxes like the chickpea fritter sandwiches which is most similar to what you would get in their local restaurants and they also have weekly day boxes like Taco Tuesday, Burger Thursday or Pasta Saturday. When the food arrives, it is so fresh, individually packaged so you can mix and match the provided ingredients. There is always so much left over that I use the ingredients in other foods throughout the week. I love the pickled slaws, and salads and sauces. You usually get about 10 ingredients per box, in quart containers individually labeled and with allergens listed. The recipes are usually very easy to heat and assembly. My one area for improvement is to keep the menus and prep time simple, some recipes take 5 minutes, so take 15 minutes. I am more of the fan of less reading, less cooking to get eating.The quality, diversity of the plant based ingredients is where clover shines, rarely any processed foods besides fresh bread, hyper locally sourced everything and attention to detail, pride in every box they offer. They always have exciting rotations and special add-ins. We got free pizza pans for Pizza Friday and we got these tasty donuts as a sample, they are always doing this to delite you and... they take feedback and their drivers are professional, and make you feel warm inside when they showup in a clover truck, not sure why but when I open that clover box, I feel healthier and know that I am getting a real chef-prepared delight tonight!If you like plant-based foods or vegetarian, it's a must try in the local Boston area, they are always increasing their delivery radius to the suburbs, so definitely contact them because they are great with feedback, always improving and open to feedback.Their pricing and delivery is a tremendous value! I hope they continue to offer the one-off boxes that they had at the start of their service that was a wide array or samplings! Those were the best, the weekly ones are great too but something about their samplers, just was unreal!"

Review Image Review Image Review Image Review Image
Aug 21 2022

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Clean Food Vegetarian Vegan Healthy Gut Health Plant-Based Gluten-Free Kosher
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No Cook: Assembly
Optional Subscription
Good For
Families Professionals Seniors
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Delivery Pickup
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Prepared Meals
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Locally Sourced

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The morning of your scheduled order, you will receive an email with an estimated delivery window. If all goes as planned, your order will arrive at that estimated time! If something unexpected happens (vehicle issues, traffic, etc.) your order may be delayed. We will do our best to give you a heads up if this happens.

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1075 Cambridge St, Cambridge

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