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Healthy meal delivery service for New England and the tri state area - Nutre delivers delicious, healthy and nutritious prepared meals to your door. Founded by the Perrina Brothers in 2017 after meal prepping for their diabetic father.

Good For
Families, Fitness, Meal Prep, Professionals, Athletes
Prepared MealsMeal Prep Optional Subscription

Prepared Meals, Meal Prep
No Cook: Heat and Eat
Optional Subscription

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Reviews for Nutre Meal Plans

Alfredo Profile Image
Alfredo M.
Nutre is a great value - Chicken Marsala

"The Nutre Meals Chicken Marsala was excellent. The chicken was cooked to perfection and the green beans were tasty as well. The flavoring and sauce were solid. The pricing offers a great value and the delivery to my door was much appreciated. Nutre has full ingredients, calorie, and dietary information. There are complete heating instructions and also allergens listed. This is a great local boston based business that serves the North Shore and beyond. These meals are great for busy professionals and people trying to get in shape or lose weight. The portion sizes are medium to large. I would recommend this service if you want something reliable."

Review Image
Oct 03 2022
None Profile Image

"Love all the options they have every week and they are all delicious. Highly recommend "

Nov 04 2022
Phoebe Profile Image
Phoebe M.
Saving money with Nutre

"I've used Nutre Meals for a few months now and I love it! I'm saving money because I'm no longer ordering takeout for lunch and dinner. And I'm also not wasting food that I never end up cooking. It's perfect for my on-the-go,lifestyle. And they taste great!"

Sep 29 2022
None Profile Image
If you hate cilantro, this plan is not for you

"Unfortunately nearly half of the entree choices routinely contain cilantro. If you (like me) find the taste of cilantro revolting, then this is a serious drawback to Nutre meals. Studies show that up to one in five people are able to detect a nasty chemical in cilantro that tastes like a combination of soap and dirt. Even worse, some people even get an allergic reaction to cilantro that ranges from a burning feeling in the mouth all the way to anaphylactic shock. It's really too bad -- the food I was able to eat was pretty good, but there are just not enough cilantro-free choices."

Jun 07 2023

Frequently Asked Questions for Nutre Meal Plans

Is Nutre Meals easy to cancel? How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription anytime online with no hidden fees. To do this, log in to your account and click on the “manage subscriptions” tab or by emailing [email protected]

Are your meals delivered fresh or frozen?

Nutre delivers meals weekly that are fresh. Nutre uses continuous cold chain to ensure that the meals are delivered fresh and can last for a while in your fridge.

Nutre Meal Plans Details

Optional Subscription
Coverage Type
Delivery Method
Cook Level
No Cook: Heat and Eat
Diet Type Supported
Healthy Paleo Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Low-Carb Diabetic Weight Loss Plant-Based
Good For
Families Fitness Meal Prep Professionals Athletes
Fulfillment Method
Business Type
Prepared Meals Meal Prep

Delivery information


If you are within a ~100-mile radius of our headquarters in Peabody, MA we currently “hand deliver” directly to your home on Sundays. Addresses outside of the ~100-mile radius are shipped on Mondays via FedEx Next Day Air for Tuesday arrival based on your location.We deliver directly to your front door on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday depending on your location for a service/delivery fee of $12.00 or $15.00 depending on your location. Every Sunday when your new meals are delivered, our driver will pick up your old bag at the same time. To ensure your bags are always picked up, please leave them in the same area they are normally delivered.

Delivery Day:

Weekly on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday


Insulated Box

Pickup Location:


Pickup Info:

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None Profile Image

"Really low life group of people that operate this business. They changed names and left a bunch of vendors stranded. Think who they are when truly the..."

Sep 28 2023
Marieann Profile Image
Marieann R.
Creative and Fuel Pump

"They make the most unique and tasty meal prep service that I've possible ever had. It taste great, doesn't make me feel crappy, and truly does taste a..."

Sep 19 2023
None Profile Image
Review of meal and business practices

"Meals were just ok. Arrived soggy. The fresh to door thing is extremely hard to pull off and simply does not justify their prices. Healthy frozen m..."

Sep 18 2023

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